Watch for the return of L5R tournaments at GenCon 2023!



L5R CCG tournaments returning to gencon in 2023

posted on 02/04/23

Stay tuned for more details!


posted on 02/26/18


Greetings from Portland, Oregon! In addition to a new location, we're also adding some new features to make PlayCCG even better. Here are a few things you can expect to see coming very soon:

New shipping alternative - Expedited Economy (A super cheap, super fast option for small orders under $15)

Expanded selection of CCGs - Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Force of Will and more!

Faster shipping times - With our new organization system, we are able to get orders out the door within 48 hours!

Our timeline has these new features being implemented within the next 3-4 weeks, so check back soon. We look forward to meeting your CCG needs with exceptional service, cheap prices, and fast shipping!

Mike Petke