Watch for the return of L5R tournaments at GenCon 2023!

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L5R CCG formats

Over the course of it’s life, L5R has had some significant changes to the rules that dictate how the game is played. As a result, several format variations are available for players to choose from. It seems that these can be divided into three general areas:

Ivory/20 Festivals – This is the most recent rules set which is generally a good starting point for all L5R formats.

Legacy - This is the most open format which allows for most cards in the game's history to be played. It seems that the most common legacy versions are the orinal AEG legacy format, the Obsidian Hand legacy format and the Eternal L5R legacy format.

Alternative - These are formats with some significant variations like Modern, Big Deck and Strategic L5R.

The most notable variations have to do with card pool and deck construction or "starting" holdings and gold production. Check back later this week and I should have some downloadable links for different formats.

L5R CCG decklists

As we continue planning for GenCon 2023 we'll start posting decklists for Modern, Legacy, and Ivory/20F limited. No guarantees about the quality of the decks, but here's a good starting point for any deck ...

1x Daigotsu Hotako (Exp 3)


L5R CCG tournaments at GenCon2023

L5R is back! A return to the story tournaments of the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game now with the added bonuse of supporting charity. Players will compete for the right to resolve some unfinished storyline prizes and the privelege of winning $500 for the charity of their choice. Their exploits will be recorded in the annals of Rokugani history by former members of the AEG story team (a big thank you to Shawn Carman and Fred Wan!)

In addition, all participants will win money for charity just by competing in the event. Currently we are making decisions about appropriate formats and worthwhile charities so check back for more details as we get closer to the event date (GenCon Indy 2023 is happening Aug 3-6). Check out our facebook page for your chance to recommend formats and charities.

Some new things coming

Playccg is undergoing a few changes, and we will be a bit dark for a few days while we set all of this up. The result should be faster service and better selection overall, so bear with us!


<rawr: bear>

Anyone got a good crab deck?

So in the new FF version, what are you pairing Crab with? I'm going crab with a splash of lion, but I'd love to see deck lists. Email me!

Stick me up!

Well, stick something - In honor of the soon to be realeased lcg, I've lowered the price on Bumper Stickers to a quarter. Show your clan loyalty in this new era!

In other news

Do you want to make games? Do you know people who want to make games? I have a tool for you!


One of my current projects is the White Box, a book of essays and box of bits to help new designers make games. Well, it's up! The kickstarter went live this morning, and I'd really value your promoting/posting/tweeting about it. Take a look at this link here:

Plug it, if you like. If you tell me you did in the notes of any order I'll include a bunch of free loot for you.



GenCon 2017

I'm doing my planning for Gencon and my usual room plan fails me this year. Anyone got a room to share with a small Yasuki?

Our love will never die!

Well, tis the season. Who is doing L5R themed costumes? Send us pics!

Yasuki Jeremy on the Road

The great foolishness of the Summer 2016 trip begins. Yasuki Jeremy will be in Taiwan for a week before Gencon, then on the ground at Gencon, then visiting family in Eastern washington for a week.

Thus - Orders placed after 7/20 may ship as late as 8/20 - they will ship with lots of bonus free stuff, and I'll ship in between trips if I can. As always, if you want anything hand delivered to Gencon please email me (but note that I fly in Tuesday, so order accordingly).

Thank you for your understanding, and see many of you at Gencon


Well, I'm planning out my GenCon. If you have any l5r events, particularly "let's go to the bar and tell war stories" events, please shoot me an invite.

So where are you?

So with L5R off the shelves it looks like many of us die hards are still here - where are you? What keeps bringing you to the table?

Leave me a note with your orders letting me know what you are doing with the cards - playing old arcs? filling out a collection? gifts? Tell me and I'll include a BUNCH of free stuff!

Bulk Wal Scroll offer

We may discontinue the Clan wall scrolls soon - they are great for selling at events, but are difficult to ship as single orders, particularly overseas.

If you are interested in picking up our remaining inventory (aprox 50 of each clan), please contact


International Postage

Yes, it's that time again - Rates have gone up. I try to keep costs low, but international shipping in particular changed such that there are no longer as many small package rates. Remember - if you order $50 or more shipoping is free!

Free Stardust

All orders with comments that read "We are all the Goblin King Now" will get extra free stuff.

Slight delay

Email responses and orders will be delayed while we watch 7 Star Wars movies. Jedi look a lot like kick ass ashigaru.

Thanksgiving Loot!

I'm looking forward to stuffing myself with pie (Turkey is an afterthought, yes?) - so why not also stuff more loot into your orders! All wall scrolls and bumper stickers are buy one get TWO free - just list the ones you want for free in the notes of the order.

Happy Pie-and-stuffing day!

Boxes sold

Those boxes have sold - now anyone interested in a bulk deal on L5r bumper stickers or wall scrolls should sound off. Let us know!

Misc L5R loot

If you are interested in L5R uncut sheets, or booster boxes of imperial or shadowlands please email me at - I want to find good homes for these! Other odd loot I've gathered over the years are going into random orders - free stuff for everyone!

Most accurate name ever

Well, Evil Portents is now in stock and ready to go. You can get singles, as well as Common/Uncommon playsets. Finish out your collections and grab these up quick, who knows if I'll be able to restock this at all!

Evil Portents

We are busy sorting and pricing Evil portents, and will have it up shortly. This has caused us to fall a bit behind on shipping and buylist orders - should catch up soon!



Everything is $5 or less!

Fill out those collections and pick up old gems for 5 bucks - everything is 5 bucks or less (except a few true gems, and nothing is over 20). Grab what I have left, restocking looks unlikely.

Clan War up

Singles for the box set Siege Clan War are up - the 12th black scroll? Yogo Junzo? Have I gone to sleep and woken up in 1998? Ah well, order away.

Get your nostalgia at a discount

Now might be your last window to pick up all the old toys and recall 20 years of great L5R. Use code FFSake to get 25% off all orders from now to the end of October.

Playccg welcomes our new FF overlords

We would like to be amoung the first to welcome Fantasy Flight to the Chaos and Disorder that is L5R, and say that we look forward to a ton of cool L5R themed plastic pieces (you are working on that, right?)

We're back!

After 14 days on the road and 9 legs of airplane trips, Yasuki Jeremy has returned - and posted all the loot from GenCon! Restocks of every 20f/Ivory sets mean you can pick up anything you need!

GenCon is upon us!

Yasuki Jeremy is packed and ready - I want to make sure you have the loot you need! Any orders placed before 8pm PST Monday the 27th will ship, and orders marked BRING TO GENCON will be hand delivered to the show. After that I'm off to GenCon, then spending a week in the wilds of Alaska trying not to be eaten by bears - Orders placed after 7/27 won't ship til 8/11. All orders placed before 8/11 will get extra free stuff to make up for the delay, but hey, a Yasuki has to relax sometime!

See many of you at GenCon!

ThA in stock - preorder for hand delivery to gencon!

Thunderous Acclaim (ThA? Really?) is now in stock. Preorder now for shipping on the street date of the 27, or put BRING TO GENCON and Yasuki Jeremy will hand  deliver your cards at gencon.

Thunderous Acclaim coming

TA cards will be up for preorder as soon as we finish sorting and verifying quanity. Orders for hand delivery at gencon will be taken until the Monday before the show!

Massive restock

We have restocked TCS, LitS, TNO, and 20 festivals - pick up the cards you need to trick out your Kotei decks!

Help a Yasuki out

Ok, I really want to stop playing dishonor - but I am of course going to play crab. Anyone got a decklist I can work from? Email with crab decks and I'll credit your accounts for anything I use.

18...19...20! Twenty festivals is up

New toys! New strongholds! Shiny stuff! Twenty festivals is up here. Some quanties are very limited - and as always this is a preorder, orders will ship on 4-10.

Twenty Festivals up soon!

We are opening, sorting, and unburying tons of cardboard - look for Twenty Festivals to go up shortly. This set (At least what we have opened so far) has...slanted card distribution, so some cards will be in very limited supply. Follow #YasukiJeremy on twitter for the release, or check back.

Vegas Anyone?

Yasuki Jeremy will be on "Vacation" to the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas this week. Orders placed before 3-23 with ship on the 23rd. Sorry for the delay, and please send good thoughts that I return with all my organs.

Five dollar Friday!

In honor of my putting Geisha into my kotei deck (go with it), all Ivory rares are 5 bucks or less - all foils 6 or less. Order now while I'm distracted!

Kotei reminder

If you need me to bring an order to the Seattle Kotei, please leave a note with the order and I'll package it and bring it to you.

If you need cards for any other Kotei email me to see if I'll be there.


It's still cold!

I'm too cold to leave my house...might as well ship you l5r cards at a big discount!

Let's have another great 25% off coupon - use code ItsCold to get 25% off your order (of any size)! say "Give me more loot" in the notes of the orde (not as a coupon code) and I'll give you triple free rares (extra legacy rares for everyone!)

I'm cold!

I'm also a wimp. I'm far to cold in Seattle's frigid, um, 30 degrees F.

So - If you tell me what the tempeture is where you are, and mock my thin Yasuki skin, I'll feel obliged to give you more free stuff.


Mock away.

Time for new orders, for A New Order

It's the inception of L5R cards...

Anyhow. New set, new toys, go crazy. You can order singles here, orders will ship on the online legal date (the 24th).

November sale - Baby, it's cold outside!

It's cold out there! Let's hide inside and play L5R, huh? To trick out your decks for the jewel events or pick up some old classics, here is a coupon code:


Use this code at checkout to get 25% off your order. Buy the gift of L5R for the most important person in your!

Calling all decklists

I'm working on Yasuki decks (being me, after all) - if you have any good Yasuki builds, either for strict or arc, send them to me at jeremy@playccg, please. If I steal your good builds, I'll give you free stuff!

Unreleased Promos in stock

I've recently picked up a very small handful of promos from the days of Emperor that were never releaced. They are not on the oracle, and I've never seen them anywhere but here. Want to bling out your collection? grab these while you can, I may never be able to get more.

Search for the tag  (Unreleased Promo) to find them all.

LitS C/U sets up

Need all the latest commons and uncommons for your strict decks? Pick up a playset (3x of each common and uncommon) from A Line in the Sand for just 20 bucks here!

Post Gencon sale!

I've finished uploading the loot from gencon - get this off my shelves! Gates and Aftermath rares - Nothing over 5 bucks! Line in the Sand rares, restocked, with lower prices than anywhere else - many rares for 2 bucks!

Line in the Sand is up!

I picked up a little LitS at Gencon, and what I have is now posted - new toys! Shiny things! Weird geisha tricks! Get all the new toys here.

Foil Uncommons are up

We picked up a few foil uncommon sets at GenCon, and they are now listed. You can find them by title, or in Ivory under Foils, or search for (U) FOIL. Get these while you can, they will be hard to restock!

Indy weather rocks!

We are on the ground for Gencon, and it is nice and cool here! Hope to see many of you at the events, and if you need anything call my cell (206 295 1503) and I can bring you cards. Orders placed on the website will ship Tuesday of next week.

Weekend Sale!

It's time to pay for Gencon, so let's have a sale - this weekend only all Gates and Aftermath rares are 50% off! Half off! Prices go back to normal Monday, so buy now!

FOIL champion restock

We've restocked your Ivory champions in their Foil form - Shiny! Only a few of each, get 'em while you can.

A Storm!

Well, at least eternal seattle rain. Want the new The coming Storm toys? Look here. Distribution is a bit wonky, so get what you need, I have very few of some cards until I restock. As always, uncommons are a buck, and commons are a penny - want to full common/uncommon playsets? they are just 20 bucks here.

Coils sale

Madness! All normal cards from Coils of Madness are a buck! Full bleeds for 3, foils for 5 - get them while I have them, these wontt tbe restocked soon.


Can't make it to three Koteis? Just like shiny objects? I'm here to help! Foil Ivory commons are now up here. Bling out your deck!

Sealed Imperial anyone?

I find myself with a small stash of Sealed Imperial boosters and starters, forbidden knowledge, shadowlands - all the old toys. Anyone interested before I set up sealed events? contact

Yasuki Jeremy in Vegas!

Yasuki Jeremy will be flying out to Las Vegas for the GAMA games convention (also: becuase Vegas, baby!). Thus, orders placed after 8pm 3-16 will ship on Monday the 24th. That's also the ship date for Ivory, so order away!

If you are in Vegas, come find me at the poker tables!

Ivory is almost here!

At 12:01 on the 10th, Ivory goes up - get all the great new toys (and prettier versions of old toys) here. This is a big set - even with as many cases as we open, supplies are limited. Pick up singles here, or C/U sets here. See some of you at the BC Kotei!

Free shipping!

We all need our loot quickly for the holidays - take advantage of Playccg's free shipping on all orders $50 and over. Free domestic Priority mail, or free International first class. Pay for cards, not shipping!

Winter Holiday pack cards are up

Check out the Ivory promo section to find all the cool shiny foily oh its so bright and it, I'm better now.

Get the shiny things here.

$.01 Aftermath commons! $20 c/u Playset!

All of the Aftermath art is loaded, and we continue to scout out the competition to ensure that the very lowest prices on l5r singles can be had here at playccg. All the rares are a great deal, but you may want more of the must-have commons to fill out decks. Aftermath commons are just a penny! Grab what you need, or pick up a whole Aftermath common/uncommon playset for just 20 bucks!

Aftermath anyone?

My my many of these cards are rather good. We have the first wave of Aftermath in stock and ready for pre-orders (they will ship on the Dec 15 release date) - Art isn't loaded in yet, and more cards will be stocked soon, but this first taste should fill your need for the quick l5r fix.

Rememer that all orders for any EE or Ivory legal (are we really going to start calling that IE?) cards get a free Ivory legal rare or promo for every 10 bucks or fraction thereof that you spend. Buying 10 bucks worth of cards? kick it to 10.25 and get 2 bonus rares instead of one!

Weekend Madness!

We've had some site tech difficulties - to make it up to you, any order this weekend (now til Sunday) gets 20% off! You don't need a code, the discount will be applied at the end, and stacks with any discounts you already get! Madness!

Gates C/U sets

Want to save time and sorting? Pick up the Gates of chaos Common/Uncommon playsets - 3 of every common and uncommon sorted and ready for decks.


Open gate, through gate, Close gate, runrunrun.

Gates of chaos is up. Note that it's a preorder per AEG rules, and will ship out on the 9th. EDIT - All the art images are now up, and the Summer Con pack cards are up in the Ivory Promos page.

Also, All Gates orders will get Ivory legal bonus cards (Remember, you get 1 free card for every 10$ you spend) - Coils, Promos, maybe even Gates cards for free!

Bonus points for anyone who gets the above reference....


Golly, look at all this Gates of Chaos I have laying about...time for the sorting. All the sorting. Soon it will be up for presale - If you follow Yasuki Jeremy on twitter, you'll know the moment it goes up!


Ok, a McDonalds in dallas-fort worth, but soon gencon! A reminder, orders placed will ship tuesday, and if you need anything don't hesitate to call (206 295 1503). See many of you in Indy.

Gencon is coming!

Oh god the sorting and packing and deckbuilding - gencon is coming! Sounds like a good excuse for a sale: Use code Gencon2013 to get 20% off any order of any size! Orders must be in by this weekend to be shipped before gencon. If you'd rather have Yasuki Jeremy hand deliver your cards at gencon, just say so in your order notes.

Happy Birthday to me!

In all the Kotei season madness and Gencon prep, I always forget - hey, I have a birthday! Yasuki Jeremy is turning *REDACTED* this year - If you are looking for the perfect gift for the Yasuki who has everything, may I suggest you:

Buy Yasuki Jeremy a cup of coffee

Of course all gifts should be returned - anyone who buys me a cup of coffee before my birthday on July 15 gets TRIPLE free rares with their order!

Coils Sale

Foils and full bleeds are on sale! Pick them up here. Super hard to restock, so get em now.


Coils is now in stock and ready to ship. Get all the great new cards here. Also, grab the foils you want fast - these are going to be very hard to keep in stock!

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go make a crab Farm-build deck, since we now have this guy.

Coils delayed

My coils order isn't in yet, I'm very sorry for the delay. Check back, and expect to see a sale to make up for the delay! As you know, you can pick up coils only at brick and mortar stores for two weeks starting today. I'll start taking online orders as soon as the product comes in, but won't ship until the online sale date.



$5 Sale

This week only (4/28-5/4) almost every EE legal rare is only $5! No restock til after the sale, so pick these up while you can.

Set Sale

All of our Common/Unocommon playsets are on sale for $25 - Including Torn Asunder and EE! Good while they last, these won't be restocked.

Tax Time!

Thanks to you, my wonderful customers, 2012 was the best year in playccg history! Sadly the IRS also thanks you - Holy cow do I owe a lot of money in taxes! Time to fill my dwindling coffers by offering you a great deal - take 25% off any order of any size with this coupon code:


With your help I look forward to owing them even more for 2013!

It's Time!

May I interest you in a new set? There are rather a lot of fun nre toys - check out Torn Asunder singles here!

Hate sorting? Let my minions do it for you - pick up a Common/Uncommon set here!

Want to just have everything, sorted and ready to go? We are trying a new thing: Rare playsets! Get these quick, very few in stock.

Reminder: These are a pre-order and will ship after the close of the AEG requested retailer window.

New year, New prices!

 We have lowered prices on every EE legal set by 10-25% - Many rares for 1.98! I'd love you to hurry to order - but this isn't a sale: these great low prices are permanent!

Kyle Anderson Wednesday

In Honor of this Kyle Anderson Wednesday, every order gets one free bumper sticker - specify the sticker you want in the notes of your order, or get one at random. Extra bonus stuff will be given to anyone who sends in photographic proof that they stuck their sticker to Kyle Anderson (This offer is good forever - remember during Kotei season!).

Also remember that I still have leftovers, so you still get 25% off every order! Arn't you glad I made too much mashed potatoes?

What am I thankful for?

I'm thankful that I can make my living doing what I love, playing cool games and selling stuff to cool people all over the world. How can I show my thanks to you? How about by giving you 25% off everything for the thanksgiving holiday! Yes, from now, until I run out of leftovers, get 25% off all singles, all sealed product, all extra toys...


I've been doing this for 10 years. You make it possible. Thank you.

Heroes Restock

I just restocked a bunch of Heroes of Rokugan - so lets have a sale! Get those old gems for half off or more, this week only.

Planting Seeds!

Let's see what grows from this! Seeds of Decay is now in stock and ready for pre-orders.

IMPORTANT: This is a pre-order, orders will ship on the on-line street date of the 15th. In the meanwhile, make sure to visit your friendly local game store...we all need places to play and find opponents!

Want to save yourself some sorting? Why not pick up a Seeds Common/Uncommon Playset?

Starter Sale!

 All EE legal Starter Decks are 20-50% off!

Before the Dawn Decks

Second City Decks

Emperor Edition Decks

Embers of War

1 Week Sale

Gencon, Pax, Essen, so many conventions...Hey, while I'm running around, yo ucan same money!

Use this code:


to get 20% off any order, any size, any stuff, good for the first week of September. Limit once per customer, so the bigger your order, the bigger your discount.

(Says the Yasuki)

Gencon cards are up

All of the cards from the gencon summer con pack are up.

The Shadows Embrace sale is over. Did you miss it? Follow Yasuki Jeremy on facebook to get all the quick updates!

End of Gencon Flash Sale!

Gencon is over, and I'm on my way home - While I'm not watching, why don't you take advantage of me! All Shadows Embrace cards a 99 cents until I get home and rework the prices. Buy me out before I come to my senses!

one last $1 card!

Mercy! Specifically, My Enemy's Mercy!

Yours for a buck.

Both for a buck!

You get both Deeds, and Words, for just 1 dollar!

Full Bleed Sale

All of the Full Bleed Champions, Rings, and Strongholds are on sale for 50% off. If you go looking, you might even find todays $1 card!

Glory of a Buck!

All Glory of cards are on sale for the low low price of 1 dollar! Limited to stock on hand, grab them while you can:

Glory of the Crab

Glory of the Crane

Glory of the Dragon

Glory of the Lion

Glory of the Mantis

Glory of the Phoenix

Glory of the Scorpion

Glory of the Spider

Glory of the Unicorn

What temple?

Forgotten Temple - a buck!

A trifecta of 1$ goodness

All yours for a buck:

Jurojin's Blessing

Dislodge the Foe

Blessings of the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang

That's a...very large goblin

Gakku Experienced is now in stock. Please buy these and get these out of my store, he's scary.

This sale is an...

Amazing Feat! (Not Amazing Feet, thats a different game). Yours for a buck, while supplies last.

Everything is fine.

All is well. Everything is as it should be. I certainly havn't been replaced by a duplicate.

Kolat Bumper Stickers are a buck!

Summer in Seattle

It's been two days of rain and thunder here in Seattle. Thus, today's 1$ rare:

Might of the Sun

What, one city wasn't good enough for you?

Second City Dojo - Great promo card, yours for a buck!

Burning Deals!

This sale is on fire! I should get that looked at...


Katana of Fire Experienced - yours for a buck.

Embrace that Shadow!

Or something. The new DTP set, Shadow's Embrace, is now in stock.

In Honor of SE, a birthday gift to my fellow crabs - todays 1.00 card is Hida Bakari

Today's 1 Dollar card

Disgraceful Conduct - Yours for a buck!

Happy Birthday to you too!

In celebration of Yasuki Jeremy's birthday, every day from now until then end of the month one EE legal rare or promo will go on sale for a buck.

Today's card: Blighted Region

Of course, you can also Wish Yasuki Jeremy Happy Birthday.

Pre-Gencon sale

I've been watching the Seattle crew prep here for Gencon, and I'll tell you this - You are going to need your A game to beat them. Well, your A game and a tricked out deck! Of course I'm happy to arm both sides...Before the Dawn and Second City rares are 25-50% off!

Free Shipping on Emperor Starters!

For a limited time, get free domestic Priority Mail shipping if your order 2 or more Emperor Edition Starter Decks. Not in the USA? Instead get double free rares with any EE starter deck (thats 6 rares/promos per deck!). Discount will be applied at checkout. You get free shipping on the whole order, so why not pick up some wall scrolls or bumper stickers while you get your starters!

Double Free Rares!

I'll be on the road for the rest of the week, so to make up for the shipping delay, any order placed before Saturday will get DOUBLE free rares! That's 2 free rares/promo cards for every $10 or fraction thereof that you spend, on anything in the store. Hey, that means Emperor Edition Starters come with 6 free rares!

EE C/U playsets on sale this week!

I ordered a lot of EE cases - so you get the common/uncommon playsets cheap! Pick them up here, and enjoy having playsets of cards, sorted and ready to play.

EoW starters in stock

Well that took far to long...but the Embers of War starters are now in stock. These wont be reprinted, so get all the new fixed toys now!

Embers of War ready for pre-order

The great cards for Embers of War are now up and ready for pre-orders. Grab what you need to get your deck ready for the new enviornment - Some of these cards are real game changers!

All pre-orders will ship on the full street date of the 14th.

In the meanwhile, remember to visit your friendly local game store, pick up some cards and support your local play group. Without places to play, we don't have a game.

Want to save time sorting? EoW Common/Uncommon playsets are up as well.

Full Bleeds in Stock

The EE Champions and Rings Full Bleeds, as well as the Kanji Rings, are now in stock. I traded in a huge pile of Glory/Promo cards for these, and with the way I'm playing I doubt I'll be winning any Koteis - Get these now, they will be VERY hard to restock. They are in the Emperor Bonus cards section, or just search for "Full Bleed" or "Kanji". Full Bleed Strongholds will come later when I gather up more cards to trade in.

2012 Kotei Promos are in stock

Well, the Vancouver Kotei taught me that it is clearly possible to build a good Yasuki Palaces Deck...but my deck isn't it.

Ah well, at least the Kotei pack promo's are now in stock.

Jungle Stockade

Might of the Sun

Border Market


Well Protected


Gozu's Guide



Patchwork Armor

Hofukushu's Vengeance

Are you getting 13 bonus EE rares?

The EE Common/Uncommon sets are flying off the shelves, and every one will ship with 13 free Emperor Edition rares. if we sell a few more they will also get free bumper stickers! There are only a few days left to get this pre-order bonus - order now!

Yasuki Jeremy Loves you!

My Valentine to you? Emperor Singles are now up for pre-order. Grab all the cool toys of the new arc! all pre-orders will ship on the street date, Feb 27th.

You can get the EE singles here.

The bonus cards, such as the Glory of cards and promotional ring cards, can be found here.

EE Starter Decks!

Emperor Starter Decks are now up for Pre-order. Inital Quantities are very limited! These will ship on the Street date - Feb 27th.

Triple Free Rares!

Yasuki Jeremy will be winging off for a week of hiding from the Sun while his wife gets some Vitimin D in Cancun. Since it's hard to ship cards when you are in a different time zone, no orders will ship in the week of Jan 30th-Feb 6th. To make up for the shipping delay, every order placed in that time will get TRIPLE free rares! You always get 1 free rare/promo for each $10 (or fraction thereof) that you spend - now you get 3 free rares/promos instead! If you order EE legal cards you'll get EE legal free cards, if you order legacy you get legacy cards. Want older back or newer backed cards? Just ask!

As always, feel free to email if you have any questions, but please forgive a slow responce - I plan to have a drink with an unbrella in it in hand as often as possible.

AEG loves you too!

The delay for EE is rough, but AEG is making it easier with free print-and-play EE decks. These are even Tournament legal and War of Honor compatable!

If you havn't checked out the pdf, here's the link:

Peeps for Cheeps!

SC Peep sale - Every Personality in Second City is a buck! Get them now, this sale wont last.

Did you miss a sale?

We just posted a rather large sale coupon to our twitter and facebook feeds. Are you following Yasuki Jeremy?

#YasukiJeremy on Twitter

Yasuki Jeremy on facebook

Don't miss out!

Holiday promos are up

Everything from the holiday pack is now up, and BTD and SC have been restocked. Now you can find everything you need for your L5R friends for the holidays...or to fill out the  deck to crush them with!

Cyber Monday Deal

This Monday, in honor of all the pie I have left to eat, every Empire Legal Promo card and every Forgotten Legacy card is 50% off! Half off, for one day only!

Thank you.



New Herald Promos - 99 cents!

Pick up these great new promos:

Ever-Winter Copse

Winter Sled

Each for less than a buck! Yasuki Jeremy - always the best deal on L5R!

Before the Dawn Restock and Sale!

We've restocked Before the Dawn, so now it's time for a sale! BTD rares are 20-50% off, many are $1.99. Buy us out so we have to restock again!

We've also added War of Honor and lots more EE legal promos.

Search issue

We had a minor upgrade hiccup - if you were unable to use the search bar, it should be working now. Sorry for the hassle, and thanks to a great customer for letting me know there was a problem.


If there is anything we can ever do to help make playccg better, please let us know!

Too much good stuff for only one city!

Second City is up! Come check out all of the great (overpowered?) cards here.

Need a common/uncommon set? Grab those here.

Second City coming...soon!

Playccg always strives to bring you the newest l5r sets as soon as they are out....however, there will be a short delay with Second City. We will have those up as soon as we can, but it will not go live on the 12th. 

We feel bad about the delay, and what makes us feel better? Giving away free stuff!

Use this code: 5Bucks

This will give you 5 dollars off any order, of any size, for anything we sell.

Also, remember to follow us on Facebook (Yasuki Jeremy) or Twitter (#YasukiJeremy) to hear the moment Second City goes up.

Reminder: Shipping delay

This Monday is labor day, in which we celebrate labor by not working. Thus, our post office is closed - all orders will ship first thing Tuesday morning instead.

Gencon Promos are up

Need more of the great EE legal cards given out at Gencon? Pick them up here!

Mantib? Cratis?

Yasuki Jeremy is getting married! This Friday the 12th Yasuki Jeremy will wed his lovely bride. He is a Crab. She is a Mantis. What does that make? Well, if Yasuki Jeremy is involved, what it makes is a great deal for you: All Crab and Mantis from Forgotten Legacy are just $.99 until after the wedding night.

Don't wait up.

Need cards for gencon? Order now!

Do you need cards for Gencon? You MUST order by Tuesday. Yasuki Jeremy will not be at gencon, so if you need cards for the show, order them now and put "Bring to gencon" in the notes. Yasuki Jeremy's minions will bring you your cards. These orders must come in by noon PST Tuesday.

Forgotten Legacy

Is it the greatest direct-to-player set ever? It might be...We've finished opening and sorting our first 20 Forgotten Legacy sets. You can find all the great new cards here.


Gencon Order Notice: The clock is ticking! If you want cards hand delivered to Gencon by Yasuki Jeremy, leave "BRING TO GENCON" in the notes of your order.

Happy Birthday to YJ

It's Yasuki Jeremy's birthday! Birthday's being the time for gifts, we want to give you gifts to celebrate. Say "Happy Birthday" in the notes of your order and get TRIPLE FREE RARES! Yes, thats 3 Free rares for each $10 or fraction of your order.

You can also Buy Yasuki Jeremy a cup of Coffee for his birthday.

Win a Free uncut sheet!

All orders placed in July have a chance to win a FREE UNCUT SHEET - A random order will be selected at the end of the month to get a free sheet of Stronger than Steel Commons. Look for a free uncut sheet given away every month until we run out of sheet!

Prize includes shipping worldwide. Every order is an entry!

New Survey questions

We have added new survey questions to our customer satisfaction survey. Even if you have filled out the survey before, it would be very helpful to us if you would fill out the very quick survey for your next order. We want to find as many ways as possible to make playccg the best site for L5R anywhere, and your feedback helps us do that.

Thank you!

A new look!

Playccg has undergone a slight makeover - singles are now sorted by arc, to make it faster to find the cards you are looking for. Check out the drop down menues to the left of the page, and please let us know what you think. If there is any way we can make playccg faster and easier for you to use, just let us know.

Before the Dawn C/U set sale

Need all the commons or uncommons for the new set? Now you can get them all for just $25! Check out the deal here.

Before the Dawn singles up

Before The Dawn is now in stock. You can find the singles here. You can find the starters and boosters here. You can find the playsets here. All orders will ship within 24 hours! Some images are still being uploaded, all images should be up within about 30 minutes.

Want every Before the Dawn Card asap?

By special request is offering full playsets of the new set, Before the Dawn. These sets include all rares, uncommons, commons, and fixed/starter deck cards. These sets come sorted and alphabetized by rarity. This is the best way to get absolutly everything from a set that you'll be playing with for many years to come. Order one of these sets this week and get double free rares! That's 120 free random rares! You can find these sets here.

Wyrmbone Katana in stock

You asked for them, and we provide: Wyrmbone Katana are now in stock. Grab them quick, we only have 12 in stock.

Wall Scroll Bundle

New clan wall scroll bundle. save over 50%!

Take my money!

I want your wyrmbone Katanas! I have several requests for them...and I'm always buying cards! Click the buylist tab, and look for cards I want to give you money for (wyrmbone Katana is under empire promos). I'll pay you cash, or give you 50% extra in store credit.

Massive Kotei Restock!

Two Kotei's worth of loot are up! has restocked a bunch of great cards. Need power rares for your decks? Grab them while they are in stock.

Sealed product sale!

Save me the effort of carrying all this sealed product to Koteis! All Celestial legal Starter decks, including C15 decks and Dead of Winter Decks, are $8.99. $8.99! And you still get bonus rares when you buy them! Get them here.

New Area for Promo Cards

In order to make it easier to find the promotional cards you want, we have created a new section for Empire Edition legal promos, including all of the 2011 Kotei Promo. You can find it here, or look at the menu to the left.

Shipping upgrades

In order to ensure that you recieve your orders as quickly as possible, has upgraded our shipping system. All orders now include delivery confirmation and tracking at no extra charge. Kotei season is starting up...get all the hard to find cards you need to flush out your deck, and get your orders in now to beat the rush!

Sealed product sale!

After a massive sorting update, it is clear that we at have far to much stuff! Help up make some space for new inventory, and get sealed product for way below MSRP. All Celestial Arc Starters are 10-25% off. Legacy starters are 4.99! Get booster packs as low as 50 cents! Grab them while you can, all sales limited to stock on hand, when it's gone, it's gone.

Sleeves in stock

We've restocked our Player's Choice Sleeves here. Don't go into a game without protection!

Dead of Winter starters and C/U sets

The Dead of Winter Starter Decks and Common/Uncommon playsets are now up. These are ready to ship! Remember that you get a free rare for each $10 you spend, including on starters and C/U sets. Your starters come with 2 free rares! your Common/Uncommon sets come with 4 free rares! Lots of free stuff, only from Yasuki Jeremy.

Dead of Winter tonight!

Remember, the new set - Dead of Winter - releases tomorrow. And by tomorrow, I mean 12:01 PST tonight! Get the great new cards fastest from Yasuki Jeremy - All L5R all the time.

Holiday sales

Did you get everything you could ever want for the holidays? Well, here's a sale on a very rare promo that you can add to your collection...or trade in for even more loot!

The 50 Koku promo cards are now on sale for $4.99.

Did you find out about our other 50% off sale? Or our rares-for-a-buck deal? Follow Yasuki Jeremy on facebook and #YasukiJeremy on twitter to get all the sales info.

Give the gift of L5R

Tis the season for giving the gift of l5r, and we at make that even easier with our December gift certificate sale.

Gift certificates of $25 or more are up to %20 off! No need to figure out what your friends and loved ones need, they can pick up the singles, sealed packs, sleaves, or other L5R loot they want the most.

Credit from gift certificates never expires, so they can use it now or save it for the kotei season.

Check out the great certificates here. Credit can be applied to an existing account, or sent out as a printed certificate on request.

IG 3 In Stock

Well that took forever, but Imperial Gift 3 is now in stock! Check out all the great new cards here. Do you have an IG 1, 2, or 3 set you don't need? We are buying all Imperial Gift sets! Email us at

Power Rare sale

I have a lot of Rares! Here are some great ones, at %25 to %50 off:

Proper Deference

Low Stance

Unpredictable Strategy


Order three or more of the above cards and say "More Free Stuff" in the comments of your order and get 3 free bonus rares!

Empire at War C/U playsets in stock.

Empire at War common/Uncommon playsets are now for sale! Only 10 in stock!

3d madness!

Yasuki Jeremy Exclusive! Foil 3d Border Keep, by leon. The perfect accessory, and only 6 in stock. Will not be restocked! These are $30, and each takes an amazing amount of work. Remember also that every $10 you spend gets you a free rare, so each 3d border keep comes with 3 free rares! Get them here.

$5 Rare week

Grab these great celestial rares for 5 bucks!

Flanked by Nightmares
Taoist Archer

Go nuts!

2.99 follower week

The mantis have bribed me to give them more things to shoot: it's $2.99 follower week!

Heavy Elite

Ronin Brotherhood

Iron Gauntlet Brotherhood

Come on, you know you want to run these in your crane honor decks so you can play retribution...

More Loot!

After recovering from Gencon and taking a brief vacation, I've now got everything into the database...need any of the Gencon Promos? Temptations? Power rares? Everything is now restocked! With the kotei season over I wont be restocking as much, so grab this loot while you can.

Some of the cooler promos:

Blue Tanuki Serving Girl

Delayed Conflict

Drunken Nostalgia

The Elements Align


Freedom of the Air

The God-Beast Unleashed

Iaijutsu Student

Iron Kabuto


Liquid Courage


Mounted Support


Soldiers of Clay

Spider Netsuke

Superior Opponent

Swell the Ranks

Tanuki Tricks


Unwelcome Supervision

More Gencon Loot!

Gencon is over, and now that we have sorted all the wonderful loot we got...Yasuki Jeremy has too much stuff! You know what that means...sales! As we restocked after the con we've lowered all our prices by 10-30%. In addition, we now have a few more hard to find gems:

Are these tempting?

Shrine to Yoritomo

The Oni's Eye

De Bellis Yoditorum - Voted most likely temptation to be misspelled

Pre-Gencon Sale

Gencon is coming up, and I want you to have all the toys you need for your deck. This week, all cards from the Harbinger are %20 off! Also: remember that if you want your cards delivered to you at gencon we are happy to bring them to the show.

Any orders to be delivered to gencon must be placed before sunday the 1st. You need to place a note in your order saying: BRING TO GENCON. Please include a cell phone number to contact you if possible. You will need to show ID to pick up your cards unless you know Yasuki Jeremy well enough to give him a hard time about something.

See you at the con!

A gift of the gift

Need any Imperial gift cards to flush out your decks? This week only imperial gift 1 and imperial gift 2 cards are %20 off!

Also, remember to sign up to follow us on facebook (Yasuki Jeremy) and Twitter (#YasukiJeremy) to get special codes and discounts.

Birthday Sales!

It's Yasuki Jeremy's Birthday, and that means it's time for a few great deals.


Needing to trick out your deck for GenCon? Here are some great Celestial arc deals:


Low Stance: 20 bucks

Tamago: 15 bucks


The Celestial deal hidden in a legacy deal:


Hamstrung (Words and Deeds Edition): 10 bucks


Of course you could just buy Yasuki Jeremy a cup of coffee!


Happy birthday!

Follow us on Twitter!

Follow us on Twitter to get the first notice of our sales, and access to discounts and coupons that aren't availible anywhere else!



More Great Sales!

Grab them while you can:

The Thriving Light: $20

Unpredictible Strategy: $15

Heavy Elite: $8

Even More Great Sales

We've restocked the cards our last sale cleaned us out its time for another great sale!

Secluded outpost: 15 bucks

Laying in wait: 8 bucks

Determined force: 20 bucks

These cards are 10-30% off, grab them while you can. 

The $9.99 sale

Missing a few staples for your Kotei decks? I'm happy to help you get the cards you need to stay on top. Check out these cards, normally 20 bucks and up, yours for just $9.99!

Acrobat Troupe

Armor of Ryu

Traveling Peddler


Pull the String

Plague War restock

Love the new set? Well we've cracked two more cases to get you all the cards you need. Check out the restocked Plague War Singles, or pick up some starter decks, or save yourself some sorting with a Plague war common/uncommon playset. Grab the loot now, this will be the last plague war restock for a while.

The Plague War now in stock!

Well, it's 12:01 am, on the 31st. So that means Plague war is now for sale! check the singles out here. I'll have common/uncommon playsets and sealed product up shortly. Get all the new goodies!

Harbinger Rares for a buck!

The celestial sale went very well, so lets sell more great cards for a buck! Until next wednesday every clan aligned personality in Harbinger is a buck. Fill out your decks and get must-have rares for just one dollar! Also, even those the celestial sale is over, many of those cards remain at a buck as their new full time price...playccg always strives to bring you more l5r for less money than anywhere else.

Hope to see some of you at NorCal!

Yasuki Jeremy will be at the NorCal Kotei this weekend, so if you are in the area and have collections you want to sell, now may be the time! All orders will be shipped by our wonderful helper monkeys, so there should be no delay with orders while YJ is on the road. See some of you there!

Imperial Gift Restock, and buylist update

I've moved the imperial gift cards to their own section, to make them easier to find. You can get them here. In addition, I find i'm out of almost all of the imperial gift 2 cards, and I hate being out of things. Got a set you don't need? I'll pay 15 cash or 20 credit for each set you send it. Contact me at to let me know if you have an extra set.

Free Rook Clan Boxes - Free Clan Long boxes

Want free boxes to show off your clan colors? I've picked up some extra steel Rook deck boxes and cardboard clan longboxes. Now, I want to give them away to you for free! Every order over $50 will ship in a FREE rook clan deckbox. Every order over $75 will ship in a FREE clan longbox. This offer is good while supplies last. You may REQUEST a clan, and I'll do what I can to make sure you get that clan.

C15 Starters now in stock

Want all the cool new cards for your clan in the c15 starters? Pick them up here. I've also discounted the older celestial starters, grab these while you can, as we wont be restocking them.

C15 promos up

Want to see all the cool reprints from c15? Check them out here. Remember that if you want to see just the promos, select promo from the filter. I've opened two cases of boosters and have just more than a playset of some of these - get them while they are hot, it'll be a long while before we restock these.

Massive restock!

We have just restocked several cases of Celestial, Glory of the Empire and Path of the Destroyer Rares. Need anything to get your decks ready for the kotei season? Many prices have been reduced 20-30%, and as always we strive to be the lowest prices and the best value for L5R singles anywhere. I look forward to seeing some of you at the Seattle Kotei!

Fix the hole in your wall without making a hole in your wallet!

Weekend Sale! This weekend only all clan wall scrolls are %50 off. Show your clan colors for only 5 bucks!

All nine scrolls can be found here

In addition, the sale on clan Imperial Favors (below) has been extended another week, because I love you all. 

Imperial Favor in clan mons - SALE!

People were sad that we were showing favor to the scorpion (which had absolutly nothing to do with our poker debts...) so to show that we love you all, here are imperial favors in all the clan mons, each for just a buck!

Imperial favor - Crab

 Imperial Favor - Crane

Imperial Favor -Dragon

Imperial Favor - Mantis

Imperial Favor - Lion

Imperial Favor - Phoenix

Imperial Favor - Scorpion

Imperial Favor - Spider

Imperial Favor - Unicorn

Massive buylist update - I want to give you money!

Want some cash, or store credit for all the cool loot you need? Check out the playccg buylist!

We need to restock for the kotei season...take advantage of our largest buylist ever!

Gifts, and Favors

Cards so cheep I'm almost giving them away...

Generosity - A buck!

Imperial Favor (Scorpion PROMO) - a buck!

Harbinger image issue

Internet Explorer has issues with the harbinger images, and we are working to figure out why that is. While we are updating the images, feel free to use a different browser (such as firefox) to view the images. There is no problem with ordering, it's just an issue with images. Thank you for your patience.

Harbinger playsets

Just want to get all the critical commons and uncommons fro Harbinger in one place? Pick up a playset here. These will take a few days to ship as I open more cases and build the playsets. I'll get them out to you ASAP.

The Harbinger is here!

Come check out all the great singles for the new set here. I'll be restocking often, so if I run out of anything remember to add it to your wishlist so I make sure to put more into the database right away for you.

Hot Hot Scorpion Deals

Just like their clothing, these scorpion are 20% off!

Bayushi Kurimi Experienced

Bayushi Sunetra Exp 2 FOIL

The lady who started it all: Bayushi Kachiko Exp 2 Thunder 

Want free stuff?

We love to give away free stuff! Now we are happy to reward our loyal customers with free store credit on every order. Check out our rewards program. You don't need to do anything to recieve this credit, just place your orders and your credit will be applied to your account when the order ships.