The "New" PlayCCG

posted on 02/26/18

Greetings from Portland, Oregon! In addition to a new location, we're also adding some new features to make PlayCCG even better. Here are a few things you can expect to see coming very soon:

New shipping alternative - Expedited Economy (A super cheap, super fast option for small orders under $15)

Expanded selection of CCGs - Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Force of Will and more!

Faster shipping times - With our new organization system, we are able to get orders out the door within 48 hours!

Our timeline has these new features being implemented within the next 3-4 weeks, so check back soon. We look forward to meeting your CCG needs with exceptional service, cheap prices, and fast shipping!

Mike Petke

Some new things coming

posted on 11/24/17

Playccg is undergoing a few changes, and we will be a bit dark for a few days while we set all of this up. The result should be faster service and better selection overall, so bear with us!


<rawr: bear>

Anyone got a good crab deck?

posted on 10/22/17

So in the new FF version, what are you pairing Crab with? I'm going crab with a splash of lion, but I'd love to see deck lists. Email me!

Stick me up!

posted on 06/10/17

Well, stick something - In honor of the soon to be realeased lcg, I've lowered the price on Bumper Stickers to a quarter. Show your clan loyalty in this new era!

In other news

posted on 04/19/17

Do you want to make games? Do you know people who want to make games? I have a tool for you!


One of my current projects is the White Box, a book of essays and box of bits to help new designers make games. Well, it's up! The kickstarter went live this morning, and I'd really value your promoting/posting/tweeting about it. Take a look at this link here:

Plug it, if you like. If you tell me you did in the notes of any order I'll include a bunch of free loot for you.



GenCon 2017

posted on 03/01/17

I'm doing my planning for Gencon and my usual room plan fails me this year. Anyone got a room to share with a small Yasuki?

Our love will never die!

posted on 10/24/16

Well, tis the season. Who is doing L5R themed costumes? Send us pics!

Yasuki Jeremy on the Road

posted on 07/17/16

The great foolishness of the Summer 2016 trip begins. Yasuki Jeremy will be in Taiwan for a week before Gencon, then on the ground at Gencon, then visiting family in Eastern washington for a week.

Thus - Orders placed after 7/20 may ship as late as 8/20 - they will ship with lots of bonus free stuff, and I'll ship in between trips if I can. As always, if you want anything hand delivered to Gencon please email me (but note that I fly in Tuesday, so order accordingly).

Thank you for your understanding, and see many of you at Gencon


posted on 06/12/16

Well, I'm planning out my GenCon. If you have any l5r events, particularly "let's go to the bar and tell war stories" events, please shoot me an invite.

So where are you?

posted on 04/26/16

So with L5R off the shelves it looks like many of us die hards are still here - where are you? What keeps bringing you to the table?

Leave me a note with your orders letting me know what you are doing with the cards - playing old arcs? filling out a collection? gifts? Tell me and I'll include a BUNCH of free stuff!

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