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Yasuki Jeremy on the Road

posted on 07/17/16

The great foolishness of the Summer 2016 trip begins. Yasuki Jeremy will be in Taiwan for a week before Gencon, then on the ground at Gencon, then visiting family in Eastern washington for a week.

Thus - Orders placed after 7/20 may ship as late as 8/20 - they will ship with lots of bonus free stuff, and I'll ship in between trips if I can. As always, if you want anything hand delivered to Gencon please email me (but note that I fly in Tuesday, so order accordingly).

Thank you for your understanding, and see many of you at Gencon


posted on 06/12/16

Well, I'm planning out my GenCon. If you have any l5r events, particularly "let's go to the bar and tell war stories" events, please shoot me an invite.

So where are you?

posted on 04/26/16

So with L5R off the shelves it looks like many of us die hards are still here - where are you? What keeps bringing you to the table?

Leave me a note with your orders letting me know what you are doing with the cards - playing old arcs? filling out a collection? gifts? Tell me and I'll include a BUNCH of free stuff!

Bulk Wal Scroll offer

posted on 04/06/16

We may discontinue the Clan wall scrolls soon - they are great for selling at events, but are difficult to ship as single orders, particularly overseas.

If you are interested in picking up our remaining inventory (aprox 50 of each clan), please contact


International Postage

posted on 02/13/16

Yes, it's that time again - Rates have gone up. I try to keep costs low, but international shipping in particular changed such that there are no longer as many small package rates. Remember - if you order $50 or more shipoping is free!

Free Stardust

posted on 01/11/16

All orders with comments that read "We are all the Goblin King Now" will get extra free stuff.

Slight delay

posted on 12/17/15

Email responses and orders will be delayed while we watch 7 Star Wars movies. Jedi look a lot like kick ass ashigaru.

Thanksgiving Loot!

posted on 11/25/15

I'm looking forward to stuffing myself with pie (Turkey is an afterthought, yes?) - so why not also stuff more loot into your orders! All wall scrolls and bumper stickers are buy one get TWO free - just list the ones you want for free in the notes of the order.

Happy Pie-and-stuffing day!

Boxes sold

posted on 11/21/15

Those boxes have sold - now anyone interested in a bulk deal on L5r bumper stickers or wall scrolls should sound off. Let us know!

Misc L5R loot

posted on 11/07/15

If you are interested in L5R uncut sheets, or booster boxes of imperial or shadowlands please email me at - I want to find good homes for these! Other odd loot I've gathered over the years are going into random orders - free stuff for everyone!

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