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Welcome to the Yasuki Jeremy L5R buy list. We are always interested in picking up more stock, either singles or full collections.



As L5R is now on path to transition to an LCG under Fantasy Flight, Playccg is re-evaluating our buylist process. Any buylist orders for store credit will process normally. Buylists for cash will remain pending while we evaluate current backstock and expected demand. Thank you for your understanding. - YJ 


We have now processed backstock and can accept buylist orders for cash. Note that while the buylist will list a number of cards as "wanted" it is unlikely we will pay cash for cards after Spirit Wars or for cards that we already have at least one of in stock.


If you would like to sell singles, just click the links to the left to find the set, and see what cards we are looking for. You can also use the search box in the upper right courner: just type in the name of the card you want to sell. We will pay the listed price for the cards, and you can sell us up to the amount listed. If a card is not listed, it means we are not currently buying that card. If you have any problems or need assistance feel free to contact us for help at


A few notes on how to sell cards to us:

All cards we buy must be in Near Mint-Mint condition. This means no scratches, marks or dings, and very little to no whiteness on the face of the card (no marks of any kind on the back). We offer store credit or cash for all cards purchased, and can pay you either via paypal or by check, as you prefer.

For single cards listed on the buy list we will pay the listed price. If you have a collection, we would be happy to make you an offer on it. Please note the following about collections:

We are mostly interested in older cards (i.e. pregold), or cards that are in the newest environment . If your collection is mostly from early gold to samurai arc it is unlikely that we will pay very much for it.

We are only interested in rares (or complete sets). It is not worth paying shipping to ship commons, and you can save time and hassle by letting us look only at the rares. If you don't know what the rares are (for older sets where it is not marked) don't worry about it.

 In order to make you an offer on a collection, we have to see the collection and look it over. Thus, you can either ship the collection to us (address below) or arrange to meet Yasuki Jeremy at a convention (GTS, GenCon, and many Koteis). 

Once we have the collection on hand, we will review and price it. This can take some time, as we look over every card to ensure that we are making you a fair offer. If we do not agree on a price we will ship your collection back to you at our expense. (Note: Free return shipping only for collections that contain few/no commons)


Here is the bullet point how to for selling us cards:

1: Using the link on the right of this page, select the cards you want to sell and add them to your buylist card

2: Check out and send in your card to our buylist team.

3: The buylist team will send you an email verifying your order. If it takes more than a week for you to recieve this email please contact us at

4: Ship the cards to:

    Yasuki Jeremy ATTN: Buylist

    4030 224th St SE #4

    Bothell WA 98021


You must include your name, your contact information, and how you want to be paid.

5: We will send payment to the address you specify.



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